FocusPoint is one of the few minority-owned lobbying firms in Oregon, and has been in operation for nearly 20 years.  The team has decades of experience in Oregon Government and brings a proven record of successfully accomplishing our clients’ policy goals. FocusPoint provides government affairs insight, political advocacy, communications support, campaign advice, marketing, and strategic planning

Our firm is dedicated to ensuring clients are proactively represented and is adept at responding to ever-changing political players, realities, and dynamics.

We are flexible in the services we offer and tailor them to fit your needs.  This can range from providing additional general support and consultation for your existing government affairs team to working with you on specific issues, or even serving as your primary representation

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Legislative Strategy

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With a collective 60 years of experience in State, Local and National politics, the FocusPoint team ensures clients’ voices, issues, and needs are represented in the Capitol.  Our team has a diverse background across a broad set of issue areas. FocusPoint can develop and deliver on specific policy needs for clients and can ensure a strong defense against harmful policies.  FocusPoint thrives on strong relationships, thorough research, knowledge of process, and a respected reputation.


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In the field of government affairs knowing the players and having relationships with them is crucial.  As your advocates we bring an extensive network of contacts and decades of work with elected officials, key staff, the executive branch and with key allies. Our firm also carefully selects our clients and does not take on new ones that have goals that would conflict with or would harm our existing clients. This approach ensures we act in support of our clients in an ethical manner and maintains positive reputations for both them and FocusPoint.

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Our Expertise

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Our team at FocusPoint has substantial experience in a variety of arenas. Including: Agriculture, Building Codes, Cannabis Policy, Campaigns and Elections, Construction Contracting, Education, Environment, Harm Reduction, Housing, Human Services, Labor, Public Health, Public Safety, Transportation, Victim Advocacy, Workforce


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FocusPoint is here to support your policy-related communications goals. We can develop, target, and implement strategic messaging, and ensure it is well-crafted and effectively delivered. The FocusPoint team has successfully worked on messaging and communications on the State, Local and National levels, and is adept at identifying individual clients’ needs and responding to them specifically.

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